<St Peter's Monastery

Logo for
St Peter's Monastery

A new monastery in beautiful Montana
needed a logo for signs, product labels and presentation material.
<First Class Lawns

Logo for
First Class Lawns

A classy and fun logo for a new lawn care company in northern Florida.
<Steven E. Hutchins Architects

Web page for
Steven E. Hutchins Architects

Complete redesign of the company web site
for a Florida and Caribbean based
architectural firm.
Corinna Hoffman Photography

Booklet and Flyers for Corinna Hoffman Photography

Facebook flyers and a print and web wedding information booklet for a family and wedding photographer.
Advant boxes

Packaging and branding for Advant

A logo and design of a series of pill boxes
and labels for Advant Nutrition's dietary supplements.
<Silver Engines

Logo and
branding for
Silver Engines

Visual profiling including a logo and guidelines regarding colors, images and typography.
Vuab logo

Branding and ads
for Vuab

A Swedish company that deals with energy efficiency and heating/cooling solutions needed a new logo and redesign of their brand profile during a name change. Project accomplished together with a colleague at MXM Com/
Marknadsmedia. I have also created both print and web ads for Vuab.
Ports of Sweden

Magazine/Newspaper supplement for Ports of Sweden

Layout of a magazine about
maritime traffic in Sweden.

Flash banners
for Wendelsberg's
folk college

Wendelsberg's folk college wanted to present some of their programs through a banner campaign. I created a package of 11 formats of flash banner ads for them at MXM Com.

Branding and print for TeAM Hutchins

A logo update, creating a print ad, sign, icons and images are some of the projects I have done for TeAM Hutchins.
Gringo - Vaya a la casa

Book cover design for Eagle Ministry

Book cover for the spanish edition of Karl-Erik Appelfeldt's biography, Gringo, vaya a la casa.
Mid Sweden University

Magazines for Mid Sweden University

Mid Sweden University wanted to present their reasearch in a newspaper supplement in swedish and a magazine in english. I did the layout of both at MXM Com/Marknadsmedia.
WCW ads

Design guide
and ads for
Westcoast Windows

I created a line of print and digital ads and a design guide for Westcoast Windows and their reseller at MXM Com/Marknadsmedia.

Flash banners
for Mölnlycke Garden Center

At MXM Com/Marknadsmedia I created two differnt campaigns of animated banners, one promoting a sale on hedges and one showing the variety in supply.